Chicago’s Ethnographic Film Festival
Seeking Peace


Saturday, October 14 at 6:30 PM, $7-10

Artistic and expressive films can spread a message of hope and resilience. Local emerging filmmakers exhibit new perspectives and methods on old stories.  Join us for the third night of this new and exciting fest, titled Seeking Peace, programmed by Ife Olatunji and Danielle Echols.

Program Details
Seeking Sanctuary by Free Spirit Media
A short documentary that focuses on safe spaces that prevent violence through dance, music, arts and food. We wanted to tell this story to prove that Chicago has many options for safe spaces. Chicago is full of violence but there are many organizations like the ones in our film that help people see the good in Chicago.

Yours Is Not the Taj Mahal by Shayna Connelly 
A grief induced fever dream caused by seeing a woman resembling a dead friend. The shadow of grief can envelop us at any time, mixing perception with memory and disintegrating boundaries between the living and dead. In an unexpected place a ghost appears, triggering a familiar conversation about the friend’s desire to know the end of every story before it is told. The narrator grapples with whether to reveal to her friend how she dies. What or who is altered by knowing the outcome?

Why We March by Laurie Little, Theresa Campagna, and Jess Mattison
An observational documentary that takes us to the heart of the women’s march held after the inaguartion of Donald Trump

Brown Girls by Sam Bailey and Fatimah Asghar
Emmy nominated Chicago based queer web series that explores life in the city for two brown girls.

Sunday by Tiara Epps
A feature fiction film that tells the story of one young man trying to do right.

Come vote for your favorite films of the night.

Remember your donation allows us to support independent and diverse filmmakers by providing them with a local network to distribute and screen their films.


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