New work by Torsten Zenas Burns and friends


February 13th, 2010

Torsten Zenas Burns works with lots of different mediums and with lots of different people. COLLABTRONICA is a sample of different projects created in tandem with artists, Anne McGuirre, Darrin Martin, Christian K. Burns, and Halfliffers. Traversing through the worlds of Choregraphy, Performance, Video, and New Media, he explores the realms of performed identity through fantasy characters and has an interest in re-envisioning educational spaces. Often creating animated counterparts of his collaborators, TZB creates spaces where kinesthetics meets virtual life. For example, WHAT IF?, made with longtime collborator, Darrin Martin utilizes dance software that recreates choreography by Merce Cunningham. Weird and playful, TZB’s works feel a bit like a good recess. The pleasure of movement and imaginative improv win the day.

Filed under: new media, performance, video