An Invocation of Spectral Bodies and Queer Spirits

Curated by Latham Zearfoss and Ethan A. White

drawing of a man haloed by a MIRRORBALL

November 21, 2008
CHANNELING is an entryway into the spirit realm and the queer body politic: a program of experimental moving image work that calls up the ghosts of the past and the specters of the future. The intent of the program is to re-imagine film and video as occult technologies that allow us to connect with the bodies, experiences, and emotions that are often invisible, ghostly even, in everyday life. In this sense, both the camera and the ghost stories it captures can serve as powerful instruments in the act of queer worldmaking. The works in the program take a personal approach in dealing with the political and historical problems that haunt the queer experience: the AIDS pandemic (Renwick, DiStefano), the body in transition (Montague), the idealized nuclear family (Pena, Robinson, Rosenfeld), and the narrow cultural standards of desirability (EMR, Moulton). CHANNELING presents emerging and established artists critically engaging with these concerns on their own campy, poetic, sexual, humorous, and even utopian terms, using a variety of aesthetic approaches such as digital video, homemade effects, saturated 8mm, home movies, animation, green screen, and more.

9 IS A SECRET by Vanessa Renwick (2002, 6:00, video)
WELL DRESSED by Elliot Montague (2006, 10:00, Super 8mm on video)
WHISPERING PINES #7 by Shana Moulton (2006, 5:00, video)
CAROL ANNE IS DEAD by Michael Robinson (2008, 7:30, video)
don’t do as i do : do as i say by Liz Rosenfeld (2008, 15:00, video)
SOMETHINGS GONNA SOON by EMR (Math Bass & Dylan Mira) (2008, 4:00, video)
SOME GHOSTS by Aay Preston Myint (2007, 2:00, video)
COMPROMISE by Jillian Pera (2005, 10:00, video)
(tell me why): The Epistemology of Disco by John Di Stefano (1990, 24:00, video)

Total Running Time: 83 min.

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