I Don’t Care

Artist Casey Puccini in Person!

Sunday, March 10 at 7:00 PM, $7-10

The Nightingale is pleased to present I DON’T CARE, the second feature length film by Chicago-based filmmaker Casey Puccini!

Doors 6:30, Screening 7:00.

More poseur than visionary, a filmmaker struggles to keep his creativity alive as he bumbles through the production of his sophomore film. Instead of rising to the challenge, he conflicts with his cast and crew, inevitably becoming a pathetically manipulative prick who no one can stand being around. A cast of Chicago talents (including Sasha Gioppo, Bryn Packard, Kevin Stangler, Christine Vrem-Ydstie, Brian Wiebe, Cameron Worden, Casey Puccini, and more) star in this dark comedy about the consequences of pernicious narcissism developed from unchecked mediocrity in the world of independent film. (TRT 103 minutes)

Casey Puccini is a film/videomaker making work that plays with autobiography, fictionalizing his life to create sardonic narratives about aggressively self-centered people. Along with making his own films, Casey also shoots, edits, and performs in his peers’ work, and educates significantly more talented people at several institutions around Chicago, IL. He made this film to help identify the type of person he really, really, really does not want to become.

Organized by Jesse Malmed and Erika Raberg.

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A Very Kuchar Christmas 2

A Yuletide Party and Potluck

Sunday, December 16 from 6:30-10:00 PM, Free

Come celebrate the Yuletide’s of Yesteryear once again with your pals at The Nightingale! We will eat, drink, and be Monstrously Merry Movie Mavens, with a very special presentation of our beloved George Kuchar’s Christmas Classics.

In the Kuchar spirit, it’s a Gluttonous Gastronomic Get-Together, we’re Cooking up a Creative Cacophony of Christmas Cuisines! Come hungry, and bring a dish or a drink to share if you like, but don’t stay home if you can’t, we love you anyway.

We’re excited to share the Kuchar Christmas Sprit with you, our cinema family. This event remembers and honors not only George, but also David Pendleton, who started the Kuchar Christmas programmatic tradition at the Harvard Film Archive.

Screening at 7:30

Program Lineup:

SOLSTICE, George Kuchar, 3:30, 2009
TUMMY ACHE TIMES, George Kuchar, 25:00, 2010
MURMURS OF THE HEARTH, George Kuchar, 12:00, 2001

This event is a free for you, our cinema pals.

The Nightingale


Courtesy of the Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, www.vdb.org.

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