Recent Work by Malic Amalya
Malic Amalya in Person!


 Thursday, June 26th at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The Nightingale is please to welcome former Chicagoan (and UIC grad) Malic Amalya, who will be in person to present a special program of films, digital videos, and a 16mm film performance with live musical accompaniment.

Amalya’s films, videos, performance works, and installations operate on the boundary lines between traditional experimental cinema (drawing from the lyrical, structural, diaristic, and “camp” strains in particular) and a more radical and critical queer-punk aesthetic. They are interstitial works that are both at home in both realms, and yet also somewhat distant from each. A sweet hardcore. Identity, performance and performance of the self, a search for grounding (aesthetically and personally), and finding meaning and understanding in the easily missed small things that surround us everyday are constant themes.

Program Details:

EDDIE, PAM, GARY, SUE (2007, 4 min, 16mm)
Eddie, Pam, Gary, Sue is a filmic study in semiotics and family relationships. Set in the filmmaker’s studio in Chicago and in his grandmother’s home in Vermont, this experimental film explores the deterioration and production of signifiers through time and across generations.

Andy Warhol’s 1964 film Blow Job is a 35 minute shot of a man’s head and shoulders as, the title suggests, he receives a blow job. Confined to the Bolex’s spring-wound clockwork motor and a 100ft roll of film, Bolex Study #1 supplies the missing half of Warhol’s film.


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A video screening and live reading
by Michael Paul Lopez

city of tricks still

Friday, May 2nd, 2014 at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The video program will be accompanied by a LIVE READING of a collection of short fiction by the author himself!

Michael Paul Lopez is a Chicago-based video artist, illustrator, performer, and fiction writer. In 2013 he starred in the feature-length independent black comedy Crimes Against Humanity that has screened at festivals nationwide. His recent videos have screened at the University of Chicago Film Studies Center, the MCA, and the Chicago Underground Film Festival. 1950s horror comics, true crime, and blockbuster movies inspire Lopez’s self-published collections of short illustrated stories. He writes with a rawness, humor, weirdness and singular voice of a simple outsider retelling the creepy lore of dark and twisted characters.

The Twin (2013) 10 mins
The Twin is an animated short of subtitled stills, inspired by 1950s horror comics, that depicts the origin and supernatural demise of a disabled police officer living in an aggressively cruel and mysterious world. The simple presentation of the dense narrative in a disjointed manner, coupled with the loose soundtrack, create a chilling tale that includes executions, transformations and betrayal.

The Cons’ Competition (2013) 13 mins
The Cons’ Competition depicts two caper stories progressing in unison through hand-drawn illustrations, titles, and sound. Dense illustrations portray a female grifter apprehended and roughed up by vengeful gangsters on a steamboat, while the titles tell of a scarred con artist searching for the rumored Cons’ Competition in a South American jungle. Presented in a simple, yet vividly colored and rhythmic manner, the two entwined narratives produce a tense, abstruse soundtrack, at times appropriate and anarchic in relation to the two plots.

Some Southern Country (2014) 30 mins
A 13-chapter video comic book, wherein a teenage boy experiences sexual adventures and overcomes obstacles of the heart atop a generic, racially ambiguous, American 80s world determined to perpetuate tribal war in a southern jungle. Green people blackmail, torture, spy, cry and trash their bedrooms in a private high school while a concurrent narrative in text details the sexploits of a privileged middleclass jerk overcoming his fear of love. These conflicting narratives are rendered together with gradual color changes, sound effects, synth and faux orchestral arrangements.

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