Collaborative Performance by
Peter Burr & Fern Silva

Peter Burr

Friday, April 18th at 8:00 pm, $7-10

Peter Burr’s and Fern Silva’s explosive creative energies will expand the Nightingale’s usual cinema setup with a mixed media collaborative performance to be preceded by three recent video works by Burr.

WAYWARD FRONDS  Performance by Peter Burr and Fern Silva (2014)
A 3-part journey through simulated Earth. Fern Silva and Peter Burr merge their filmmaking practices in a performance involving 8mm film, video projection, and live performance.


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An evening of video, performance, and pasta
with Tony Balko & A.E. Paterra.


Wednesday, March 26th, 8pm, $7-10

Flashing lights and pulsing synthesizers create a site for transmogrification, as Balko and Paterra invite you to ride shotgun on a trip toward the Singularity. Psychedelic fictions and good old heavy vibes provide a glimpse of the future as seen from the eyes of working class Ridge Runners.

Suit up and come hungry!


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A Selection of Videos by Jesse McLean
Jesse McLean in person!


Friday, March 21st at 8pm, $7-10 

“My work is motivated by a deep curiosity about human behavior and relationships, and is concerned with both the power and the failure of the mediated experience to bring people together.”

Jesse McLean’s work conveys a unique sense of empathy while it both investigates and performs a pressing social concern of our moment: does technology extend the human experience or has the human experience become mediated by technology? The works presented tonight contemplate these questions with acute attention—witty and smart, without sacrificing feeling to cleverness. Even with cultural detritus, McLean creates rich moments of sonic and visual splendor that recall the histories of personal cinema; moments created with a sincere desire to understand her own position with the materials she is drawn to and uses for her artistic practice. In her interview with Jesse Malmed for Bad at Sports she admits:

“There is a great deal of power in mass media but the level of manipulation is so grotesque as to be impressive. Popular culture works terrifically on me; I have a particularly embarrassing memory of sobbing uncontrollably on a plane during Toy Story 3. This kind of emotional response never happens to me in real life. So I would never ridicule my subject, because I’m a fan, too. But I’m also a skeptic.”


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Films & Videos by Julie Perini
Julie Perini in person!

Julie Perini

Saturday, February 15th at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The Nightingale will be screening a selection of Julie Perini’s short film and video works followed by a Q&A with the artist herself!

Julie’s films and videos are completely unique to her personality and inquisitive mind. Both a source of social commentary and an ode to the mundane, each piece is graceful, curious, heartbreaking, and hilarious.

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Works by Jennifer Chan


Saturday, November 16th at 8:00 pm, $7-10
Artists in Person!

Jennifer Chan works with video, performance, and web-based media. She makes deliberately kitsch remix videos as a form of social commentary on art and gender after the Internet. Chan has had solo exhibitions at the Marshall McLuhan Salon in the Embassy of Canada in Berlin for Transmediale 2013 (Germany), Vox Populi (Philadelphia) and VideoFag (Toronto). Her work recently showed Moving Image (London), Eastern Bloc (Montreal), Trinity Square Video (Toronto), Brooklyn International Festival of Performance Art (Brooklyn), Future Gallery (Berlin), Abandon Normal Devices Festival (Manchester), Interstate Projects (New York City), and Images Festival (Toronto).


She is a recipient of the Mississauga Art Awards for Emerging Visual Talent in 2008. Chan has presented on her work at Whitechapel Gallery (London, UK) and Hyperallergic’s tumblr art symposium (New York City, US). Her work has appeared on Rhizome, Furtherfield and ArtForum. She has a HBA in Communications, Culture, Information Technology from University of Toronto and a MFA in Art Video from Syracuse University. Chan was born in Ottawa and raised in Hong Kong. She currently lives and works in Chicago, IL.


In this evening’s program you can expect to see feminist identities on the net, post internet art practices, juvenile masculinity, consumer culture, and of course sex, love, and pain. Don’t miss it!

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