Work by Vanessa Renwick
Artist in Attendance!


Tuesday, October 27, 7 pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

(different work in each, artist in attendance at both!)

NSEW Tour: An Evening with Vanessa Renwick
Friday, October 30, 2015, 7:00pm, Free
Logan Center for the Arts (915 E. 60th St., Chicago)

Chicago born Vanessa Renwick returns to screen a 80-min. program of her work that begins with early experimental films and concludes with a work in progress. These short, personal constructions demonstrate a wide range of formal approaches and subjects that include hitchhiking, Toxic Shock and a taste of the wild west, be it a horse fighting a bear, a homoerotic rodeo or the gentrification of Portland. Renwick’s films share a restless spirit, an interest in outlaw art-making, and an unflagging sense of wanderlust. Without fail, the work is intense, hard to pin down, and even harder to forget.

Britton, South Dakota (16mm to video, 9 min, 2003)
Toxic Shock (16mm, 3 min, 1983)
Crowdog (super8 to video, 7 min, 1984/1998)
Red Stallions Revenge (16mm to video, 7 min, 2007)
The Yodeling Lesson (video, 3 min, 1998)
Mighty Tacoma (digital video, 9 min, 2011)
Westward Ho (video, 1 min, 2001)
SF HITCH (super 8 & 16mm to video, 5 min, 1981/2012)
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal (16mm hand processed & tinted to video, 6 min, 2005)
Portrait #3: House of Sound (35mm to HD, 11 min, 2009)
The Land Piranha (work in progress)

Vanessa Renwick has been a singular voice in the experimental cinema for over 20 years. Eschewing an allegiance to any one medium or form, Renwick builds authentic moving image works revealing an insaitiable curiosity and unflenching engagement with the world around her. Often focusing her lens on themes of westward expansion and the locaes of her adopted home, the Pacific northwest, Renwicks uses avant-garde formal elements to explore radical politics, and environmental issues. An artist who often self-distribrutes, her screening history reads as a map of independent cinema in North Amercia. She has screened work in dozens of venues, institutional and not, including Art Basel, Light Industry, The Wexner Center, NW Film Center, True/False Film Festival among many others.

“Vanessa Renwick’s films reveal the hidden stories & secret lives that define our great national weirdness, imbued with the radical curiosity and vision of a true pioneer.”
Todd Haynes- filmmaker
“Vanessa Renwick was a powerful influence on me in my twenties — here is a woman who has taught herself how to make movies, following her own rules about what movies can be and creating them in ways that are personal, organic, and sometimes wildly risky. Her body of work is substantial and important, and radiates with love and anger and sense of real joy in the gritty specifics of life (and death) on Earth.”
Miranda July- filmmaker
“Vanessa Renwick has a wanderer’s soul. She will never be tamed. Freedom can never do more than spend itself searching for itself. Vanessa’s seeking, unsatisfied kind of freedom will thus never reach the end of the road. But her movies are not only about herself, or about the borders and patterns she sees. She gives love and recognition to the strivings of other outlaws. The result is a rare public spiritdness.”
William T. Vollmann, – author

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The First 5 Years and The Last 5 Years
as part of Platforms: 10 Years
of Chances Dances


Tuesday, September 8, 8 pm, Free
Saturday, October 17, 8 pm, Free
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

A bookended pair of lively screening events featuring works from the past, present, and future of CHANCES granted artists, organizers, and scenesters. This is your pre-party party, snacks and group travel to that night’s CHANCES DANCES included.

Including work by: Mark Aguhar, Cavenaw and Cavenis, Sky Cubacub, Ky Dickens, EMR (Math Bass & Dylan Mira), Hope Esser & Daviel Shy, Rami George, Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero, Meg Leary, Marianna Milhorat, Madsen Minax, Dylan Mira, Fawzia Mirza, Aay Preston-Myint, Macon Reed, Oli Rodriguez, Amina Ross & NIC Kay, Jules Rosskam, Xina Xurner, Latham Owen Zearfoss

Program Design by Marian Runk
Curated by Christy LeMaster


Begun in 2005 as an inclusive, welcoming, and alternative queer dance party, Chances Dances is a collective of artists, activists, DJs, and educators who organize parties, build safer spaces, and support local art and activism through direct funding and other resources.

Since its founding, Chances has sought to bring together Chicago’s varied LGBTIQ communities
by organizing dance parties that welcome people of all gender expressions and racial identities. For the
last six years, Chances has channeled profits from its parties into a biannual microgrant for local artists. In 2008, Chances launched the Critical Fierceness Grant, which awards $500 to Chicago-based artists and collectives who identify themselves or their work as queer. In 2012, Chances expanded the Critical Fierceness Grant to include the Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant, which funds projects by queer feminine spectrum artists of color with $1,000 grants. Through this grassroots funding in addition to our robust performance programming, Chances has established itself as hub of queer artistic activity in Chicago for ten years running.

In Fall 2015, the Platforms retrospective will showcase the artworks, herstory, and community-building processes of the Chances community over the last 10 years at several sites across Chicago. Drawing from over one hundred Critical Fierceness grantees and finalists, past and present Chances organizers, and members of the Chances community, Platforms will elevate and expand the reach of a long-standing and multifaceted queer collective practice.

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