Chris Hefner in person!


Friday, December 18, 7 pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

THE POISONER follows the home life of a woman who has agreed to marry a man and, over the course of their life together, poison him to death. Though both parties have their own personal reasons for agreeing to such a dubious arrangement, they are contract-bound not to discuss them. Over time, the inherently fugitive nature of the arrangement, coupled with the fear of life after its termination begins to erode the perceived stability of their lifestyle. The film examines issues of mortality, desire for control and the problematic rubric of Love, as well as the extremes to which we may go to find our place in the world. Hefner’s second feature-length film, The POISONER builds upon the rich visual and conceptual vocabulary of his first feature THE PINK HOTEL, which he has honed for the past several years in his short films and multimedia artwork. At the same time, THE POISONER offers a shedding of old comforts in the pursuit of exciting new developments into distilled image-making strategies and a more intimate focus on character. The Poisoner seeks to combine these evolutions with Hefner’s strong sense for the mysterious to reveal unexpected parallels with all-too-recognizable everyday realities.

“The Poisoner creates within its gorgeous atmospheres a fascinating tension between the richly detailed and the starkly minimal, between the organically subterranean and the formally — and lustrously! — illumined, somehow, impossibly, presenting itself as all opposites at once. Hefner’s frames constantly surprise and refresh the eye, readying it for what feels might be hypnosis. The Daniel Knox score too plays some occult role in this alchemy — who knows how it all works, but the movie is a thing of great beauty.” -Guy Maddin

Chris Hefner has been living and working in Chicagosince 2002. In addition to his work on paper and two feature films THE PINK HOTEL (2010) and THE POSIONER (2014). Hefner has also directed a bevy of short films as well as music videos for the likes of The Handsome Family, Jon Mueller’s Death Blues, Zelienople, Mucca Pazza, Eaters, and Benoit Pioulard. Hefner may be seen playing musical saw with the band of singer/songwriter Daniel Knox. (http://cmhefner.com/)


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Zach Zone


Friday, November 20, 6 pm, $5-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL


Video! Video! Zine Presents: Zach Zone Selections! A curation of short video works that have slipped through the cracks of the monthly main page of Video! Video! Zine. Co-curated by Zachary Hutchinson of Video! Video! and Nightingale programmer Emily Eddy, this selection of video work is inherently a description of how contemporary digital media is used both online and on screen.

Video! Video! Zine is devoted to obtaining visibility for moving image makers. Through monthly open calls we motivate and encourage makers to participate no matter what skill level or knowledge of moving image. We also hope to inspire through monthly guest curated “5 video you must see” and interviews of moving image makers who need a spotlight.

By doing this Video! Video! Zine hopes to become an accessible submission based Internet archive of amazing moving image from around the world!

Featured moving image makers are Kelsey Megan Ellison, Liz Cambron, Soheila Azadi Aaron Walker, Ryan Lumley, Sam Grossinger, Jessica Pierotti, Coral Short, Jonathan Leib, Perry Hohlstein and Nandi Loaf


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Work by Vanessa Renwick
Artist in Attendance!


Tuesday, October 27, 7 pm, $7-10
The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

(different work in each, artist in attendance at both!)

NSEW Tour: An Evening with Vanessa Renwick
Friday, October 30, 2015, 7:00pm, Free
Logan Center for the Arts (915 E. 60th St., Chicago)

Chicago born Vanessa Renwick returns to screen a 80-min. program of her work that begins with early experimental films and concludes with a work in progress. These short, personal constructions demonstrate a wide range of formal approaches and subjects that include hitchhiking, Toxic Shock and a taste of the wild west, be it a horse fighting a bear, a homoerotic rodeo or the gentrification of Portland. Renwick’s films share a restless spirit, an interest in outlaw art-making, and an unflagging sense of wanderlust. Without fail, the work is intense, hard to pin down, and even harder to forget.

Britton, South Dakota (16mm to video, 9 min, 2003)
Toxic Shock (16mm, 3 min, 1983)
Crowdog (super8 to video, 7 min, 1984/1998)
Red Stallions Revenge (16mm to video, 7 min, 2007)
The Yodeling Lesson (video, 3 min, 1998)
Mighty Tacoma (digital video, 9 min, 2011)
Westward Ho (video, 1 min, 2001)
SF HITCH (super 8 & 16mm to video, 5 min, 1981/2012)
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal (16mm hand processed & tinted to video, 6 min, 2005)
Portrait #3: House of Sound (35mm to HD, 11 min, 2009)
The Land Piranha (work in progress)

Vanessa Renwick has been a singular voice in the experimental cinema for over 20 years. Eschewing an allegiance to any one medium or form, Renwick builds authentic moving image works revealing an insaitiable curiosity and unflenching engagement with the world around her. Often focusing her lens on themes of westward expansion and the locaes of her adopted home, the Pacific northwest, Renwicks uses avant-garde formal elements to explore radical politics, and environmental issues. An artist who often self-distribrutes, her screening history reads as a map of independent cinema in North Amercia. She has screened work in dozens of venues, institutional and not, including Art Basel, Light Industry, The Wexner Center, NW Film Center, True/False Film Festival among many others.

“Vanessa Renwick’s films reveal the hidden stories & secret lives that define our great national weirdness, imbued with the radical curiosity and vision of a true pioneer.”
Todd Haynes- filmmaker
“Vanessa Renwick was a powerful influence on me in my twenties — here is a woman who has taught herself how to make movies, following her own rules about what movies can be and creating them in ways that are personal, organic, and sometimes wildly risky. Her body of work is substantial and important, and radiates with love and anger and sense of real joy in the gritty specifics of life (and death) on Earth.”
Miranda July- filmmaker
“Vanessa Renwick has a wanderer’s soul. She will never be tamed. Freedom can never do more than spend itself searching for itself. Vanessa’s seeking, unsatisfied kind of freedom will thus never reach the end of the road. But her movies are not only about herself, or about the borders and patterns she sees. She gives love and recognition to the strivings of other outlaws. The result is a rare public spiritdness.”
William T. Vollmann, – author

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