A Seasonal Potluck and Shooting Party


Sunday, November 23rd at 2:00 pm

It’s that time of year again! Please join us at the Nightingale for our annual holiday potluck. We will eat, drink, and shoot this year’s Nightingale trailer, which truth in advertising, is really more a moving image document of all the folks we feel grateful to know and watch movies with. This year the trailer will be led by Nightingale programmer and artist, Jillian Hansen-Lewis. As usual, there will be a large turkey, vats of mashed potatoes, vegan main dish, and homebrew cider. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. All foods types encouraged. Friends of friends and children welcome.

See last year’s movie, made by Ian Curry and Jesse Malmed, here.

2:00 – Food
3:00 – Dessert, Drinks, and Conversation
4:00 – Shoot
5:00 – Dancing, Napping, More Eating?

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Our Annual Seasonal Potluck

Nightingale Trailer 2013

Nightingale Trailer 2013

Sunday, November 24th at 2:00 pm, Free

It’s time again for The NIGHTINGALE’s annual holiday shindig. Let’s all gather together and fortify for the coming winter. Please bring a dish or drink to share. Chloe and I will handle the basics: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes. Jay will brew a special home brew beer.

As in years past, we will be shooting a trailer for the upcoming year, so scrub up and look camera pretty. Kickstarter awards will be available for claiming.  Music will be playing for dancing. Friends will be around for chatting up.

Doors at 2:00 pm
Dinner at 3:00 pm
Shoot at 4:00 pm

Kids are welcome, and please consider bringing a shelf-stable item for our food drive!

Thanks For Supporting Chicago Cinema!



Screening and Birthday Party


Friday, April 5th at 8:00pm, Free

We’ve made it to half a decade!

And it’s time for a big shuffle. Christy will be handing over keys to The NIGHTINGALE to five gifted programmers:
Patrick Friel
Emily Kuehn
Jesse Malmed
Chloe McLaren
Doug McLaren
Come join us in welcoming the new friends aboard.

There will be a collaboratively curated screening featuring the work of:
Lauren Alberque
Jessica Bardsley
Jake Barningham
Thorne Brandt
Lilli Carré
Ian Curry
Theo Dardst
Lori Felker
Cameron Gibson
Kent Lambert
Jodie Mack
Jon Satrom
Alexander Stewart
Latham Zearfoss

We will also premiere the 2013 Nightingale trailer!

And introduce a new initiative running out of The NIGHTINGALE called SPLITBEAM

And Cake! And Dancing! And Boozing!

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Our Annual Potluck and Trailer Shoot

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Please feel invited to our 5th annual seasonal potluck. Friendsgiving is when we all gather together, eat too much, and film the trailer for The NIGHTINGALE’s next season. This year we are going to channel a grade school class portrait. Please wear your ‘picture day’ best and come prepared to make some artistic decisions on the fly. Please also bring a dish to share. There will be vegan and omnivore main courses.

As always, thanks for supporting Chicago Cinema.


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Our Annual Seasonal Potluck

November 20th, 2011

Please feel invited to our 4th annual seasonal potluck. Friendsgiving is when we all gather together, eat too much, and film the trailer for The NIGHTINGALE’s next season. On board this year is a trampoline, some slow motion 16mm, and some bright colors. Wear you fancy duds, cheer shorts, dangly earrings, and long hair. Please bring a dish to share. There will be vegan and omnivore main courses.

Just a few notes on our upcoming shoot/party.
1.There will be a specific shoot time. From 4pm-5pm we will be getting your pretty faces on film and there is quick bit of instruction and people ordering to do ahead of time so to make sure you are included please arrive no later than 4 pm!

2. It is going to look the best if you guys wear solid colors or patterns that are monochromatic enough to represent mainly a solid color. And we are hoping for a variety of colors- Bold, Bright, Try to avoid white or neutral tones. Some folks wearing black/gray will be okay but if you have the big colors wear em! And we have decided it is not as important to be fancy as it is to be colorful.

I am so grateful for all of you. This place is just a dark room without you guys. Thanks for supporting Chicago Cinema.

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Seasonal Potluck and Trailer Shoot


November 21st, 2010

The Nightingale has a lot to be grateful for. Friendsgiving is our annual chance to gather together, share a meal, and make something large and unwieldy.

Think living portraiture. Think you and the camera alone in a deadlocked stare. Think Sears Portrait Studio. Wear your prettiest duds this year won’t be messy (unless you are just naturally so). We might ask you to wear a funny shirt, or a tube top, or to write on your chest. Adventurous, camera loving types check in with Christy upon arrival.

Friendsgiving will be a potluck affair with vegan and meaty entrees provided by us. Please bring a side dish to share. And beverages- the adult kind.



A Seasonal Potluck Gathering and 2010 Trailer Shoot


November 22, 2009

Before the long winter seduces us into social hibernation, let us all gather together …

We cordially invited you to the second annual FRIENDSGIVING – a seasonal potluck gathering where we share a giant meal and film the 2010 Nightingale trailer.

There was a 25 pound turkey (Thanks Chloe!) and a plentiful potluck spread. We broke a lot of plates and committed several of our favorite faces to 16mm. Thanks to everyone- especially the quick-on-their feet crew, Lori, Warren, Jason, Jerzy, Buki, Jodie, Doug, Ed, and Reece. Thanks to James Bond and Chicago Filmmakers for loaning us stuff we needed and thanks to all of you for cleaning your plates (off the floor even) and acting up. We are so very lucky and very grateful.


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