A Re-Interpretation for the Screen of
Tim Kinsella’s New Book
Presented by Curbside Splendor


Friday, April 25that 8:00 pm, Free

Tim Kinsella’s latest novel is a collage of 4 movies; Two-Lane Blacktop, Cockfighter, Annie Hall and Bad Timing. For the book release, Kinsella recuts moments from each of those films together to make a weird different story.


About the Book:
In Let Go and Go On and On the story of obscure actress Laurie Bird is told in a second-person narrative, blurring what little is known of her actual biography with her roles as a drifter in Two Lane Blacktop, a champion’s wife in Cockfighter, and an aging rock star’s Hollywood girlfriend in Annie Hall. Laurie Bird’s story unravels in a bathtub where she commits suicide at the age of 26, and Let Go and Go On and On draws on this very American story to explore our endless fascination with the Hollywood machine and the weirdness that is celebrity culture.
-Curbside Splendor


 Tim Kinsella is the author of two novels, The Karaoke Singer’s Guide to Self-Defense (2011) and Let Go and Go On and On (2014) the maker of much genre-troubling music with his bands Joan of Arc and Owls.


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An evening of video, performance, and pasta
with Tony Balko & A.E. Paterra.


Wednesday, March 26th, 8pm, $7-10

Flashing lights and pulsing synthesizers create a site for transmogrification, as Balko and Paterra invite you to ride shotgun on a trip toward the Singularity. Psychedelic fictions and good old heavy vibes provide a glimpse of the future as seen from the eyes of working class Ridge Runners.

Suit up and come hungry!


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A Selection of Videos by Jesse McLean
Jesse McLean in person!


Friday, March 21st at 8pm, $7-10 

“My work is motivated by a deep curiosity about human behavior and relationships, and is concerned with both the power and the failure of the mediated experience to bring people together.”

Jesse McLean’s work conveys a unique sense of empathy while it both investigates and performs a pressing social concern of our moment: does technology extend the human experience or has the human experience become mediated by technology? The works presented tonight contemplate these questions with acute attention—witty and smart, without sacrificing feeling to cleverness. Even with cultural detritus, McLean creates rich moments of sonic and visual splendor that recall the histories of personal cinema; moments created with a sincere desire to understand her own position with the materials she is drawn to and uses for her artistic practice. In her interview with Jesse Malmed for Bad at Sports she admits:

“There is a great deal of power in mass media but the level of manipulation is so grotesque as to be impressive. Popular culture works terrifically on me; I have a particularly embarrassing memory of sobbing uncontrollably on a plane during Toy Story 3. This kind of emotional response never happens to me in real life. So I would never ridicule my subject, because I’m a fan, too. But I’m also a skeptic.”


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Films by Chris Kennedy

TAMALPAIS by Chris Kennedy 14 minutes, 16mm, color, 2009)

Wednesday, November 13th at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The Nightingale is pleased to present a program of (mostly) 16mm film work by Chris Kennedy.

Program Details:
lay claim to an island-13 minutes, 16mm on video, 2009

Janes Window- 10.5 minutes, 35mm on video, 2005

Memo to Pic Desk- 6.5 minutes, 16mm, 2006

Tamalpais- 14 minutes, 16mm, color, 2009

Brimstone Line- 10 minutes, 16mm, 2013

Genesee- 3 minutes, 16mm, color, silent, 2011

Chris Kennedy (b. 1977 Easton, Maryland) is an independent filmmaker, film programmer and writer based in Toronto. He programmed for the Images Festival from 2003-06 and Pleasure Dome from 2000-06. He co-founded and co-programs Early Monthly Segments and programs TIFF Cinematheque’s The Free Screen. He is the new Executive Director of the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. His short experimental films have screened at over one hundred film festivals worldwide and have been featured in solo shows at the Canadian Film Institute, Los Angeles Film Forum, Nam June Paik Art Center, the La Plata Semana del Film Experimental and the Pacific Film Archive. He has presented the work of others in Belgium, Egypt, Germany, the US and Canada. He holds an MFA from an art school in San Francisco, where he was co-founder and host of a weekly film salon. His work as an artist and programmer operates in dialogue with the history of film as art, exploring the medium’s materiality in a contemporary context.

“Often combining a careful concern with the apparatus and a high degree of formal rigour with thoughtful attention to social reality and history, Kennedy’s films examine the interpenetration of a kind of phenomenology – how the things of the world appear to consciousness – with the material possibilities of film (multiple exposures, hand processing, found footage, multi-frame presentations).” - Scott Birdwise, Canadian Film Institute


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16mm Films by Ian Curry

WRECKED by Ian Curry (2012, color/sound, 16mm performance, 8 minutes)

WRECKED by Ian Curry (2012, color/sound, 16mm performance, 8 minutes)

Saturday, November 2nd at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The NIGHTINGALE is delighted to present an evening of all 16mm work by Ian Curry. Show will include new work and several performative pieces including new work for 3 interlocking 16mm projectors.

Ian Curry is a filmmaker whose work celebrates the sensuality, magic, and history of the physical medium of 16 millimeter film. His work focuses on manipulating film through experimental processes and testing its limits by way of designed apparatuses for presentation. He often uses hand processing, optical printing, contact printing, and in-camera editing to reveal a passing moment’s brilliance or a presented moment’s faltering truth. Previously of Bridgewater, MA, and Boston, Curry has exhibited his works in gallery, screening, and performance contexts. He earned a BFA at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston and an MFA at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Program Details
(2009, color/silent, 16mm, 7 minutes)

(2009, color/double system sound, 16mm/18fps, 6 minutes)

(2010, b&w reversal/double system sound, 16mm double projection, 13 minutes)

(2012, color/silent, 16mm/18fps, 8 minutes)

(2013, color/sound, 16mm projector performance, 8 minutes)

(2013, color/double system sound, 16mm interlocked triple projection, 10 minutes)

(2013, color and b&w/sound, 16mm interlocked triple projection, 6 minutes)

And other goodies!


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