Nicaragua in the ‘80s:
Two Video Documentaries by Julia Lesage
Julia Lesage in person!
Presented by White Light Cinema &
Hopscotch Cinema


Saturday, April 12th at 7:30pm, $7-10

White Light Cinema, along with Hopscotch Cinema and The Nightingale, are pleased to present two little-seen video documentaries, about the lives of women in Nicaragua in the 1980s after the Sandinista revolution, by videomaker, professor, author, and Jump Cut magazine co-founder and co-editor Julia Lesage. Lesage will be in person to introduce and discuss this important work that provides a snapshot of a troubled nation in a moment of optimism.

The Sandinista Revolution in 1979 and the years following were filmed by many solidarity workers traveling to and living in Nicaragua. However, after that period ended in 1990, much of the interest here in video about Nicaragua declined. Invited to teach video production to young artists in a workshop in the Sandinista labor union, Julia Lesage made three visits in 1981, 1984, and 1987, living there for months at a time. For her, it was an utopian moment, sharing young videomakers’ aspirations and dreams for a better life.  (JL)


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Works for the Screen by
Graduating UIC MFAs

David Bodhi Boylan, Light Eyes, 2013, wood and candles

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 8 pm, $5-10

The warmth of your love
is like the warmth of the sun
and this will be our year
took a long time to come

Following five wonderful exhibitions at Gallery 400, a series of works for the screen by graduating Masters of Fine Arts candidates from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Featuring works by: Alejandro T. Acierto, Erik Allen, Colleen Keihm, Chris Little, Jesse Malmed, Melissa Myser, Hanna M. Owens (with Kelly Thomas), Courtney Prokopas, Jonathan Loïc Rogers, Matt Shaw, Jenyu Wang.

(Image: David Bodhi Boylan, Light Eyes, 2013, wood and candles.)

More information at Gallery 400′s website.


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George Kuchar’s Rarely Screened
Color Feature on 16mm!


Saturday, March 15, at 7pm, $7-$10

The Nightingale pays tribute to the hilarious, resolute, lurid vision of much-beloved moviemaker George Kuchar, whose death in late summer 2011 left the experimental film community with a permanent skip in its heartbeat.

An itchy, pungent cavalcade of perverted thrills, UNSTRAP ME! was filmed amid much classy drinking, suggestive sculpture, and raucous travel. Kuchar—who was aged 26 at the time and fresh from his landmark short Hold Me While I’m Naked—uncharacteristically adapts a story by someone else: writer-producer Walter K. Gutman (who also financed noted beatnik undergrounders Pull My Daisy and The Sin of Jesus). With a budget that allowed for shooting in such exotic settings as Provincetown, Queens, and the Ringling Brothers Circus on the west coast of Florida, Kuchar was able to flash his own flair for with exotic costumes, make-up, and bouncy, bumptious color and to indulge the producer’s fondness for “strong muscular women who were able to pick him up off the ground.” Gutman plays Uncle Bojo Wurlitzer, a horndog whose fleshy predilictions cause him no small measure of frisson and frustration.


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Short Films and Videos by Cauleen Smith
Artist in Person!


Sunday, February 23rd at 7pm, $7-10

The Nightingale is thrilled to present this program of short works by Cauleen Smith, who will be present at a Q&A following the screening.

Cauleen Smith is a prolific interdisciplinary media artist whose projects vary from short moving image works to installations to flash mob musical interventions in public spaces. Her work has been featured in contexts like The Robert Flaherty Seminar (1992), microcinemas like Massart Film Society, museums such as Chicago’s MCA (2012), and included in major exhibitions like the Whitney Biennial (2008). This program focuses on her continued engagement in the short film and video formats that started early in her artistic career with the success of Chronicles of a Lying Spirit by Kelly Gabron. Her short films and videos stylistic range traces lines across the history of the moving image, centered around her voice and vision that often articulates and visualizes the African American experience at an intimate and thought provoking level.


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Films & Videos by Julie Perini
Julie Perini in person!

Julie Perini

Saturday, February 15th at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The Nightingale will be screening a selection of Julie Perini’s short film and video works followed by a Q&A with the artist herself!

Julie’s films and videos are completely unique to her personality and inquisitive mind. Both a source of social commentary and an ode to the mundane, each piece is graceful, curious, heartbreaking, and hilarious.

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