Be one of the folks who runs Chicago’s
beloved rough and ready microcinema!

Applications Due on March 21 at 5 pm

The Nightingale is now in its 10th year of operation, staffed by volunteer programmers who provide the ideas and time it takes to run the space. We rely on programmers to help plan and promote events, keep the space clean, look out for our equipment, protect our roommates’ private space during events, archive materials, and fundraise. Programming responsibilities include attending 4 programming meetings and two work days a year as well as being an engaged promoter of all Nightingale events from day to day. Programmers should expect to program or co-program at least 4 events of their own a year and to host/help organize 4-6 additional screenings a year. We are looking to add a few engaged programmers!

Fill  out the google form to apply.


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