Recent Work and Influences
Alee Peoples in Person!

Sunday, November 11 at 8pm, $7-10

ONE NEW MESSAGE (16mm to video, color with sound, 12 minutes, 2010)
facsimile, paper airplanes, postal mail, graffiti, voicemail and text mes¬saging are devices we use to connect with people that are not physically present. how quickly can you travel two thousand miles to be in front of someone and act like it was only yesterday?

(super 8 to video, color and b&w with sound, 12.5 minutes, 2009)
a pop music essay that is both sweet and serious about stereotypical male and juvenile fun. tongue-in-cheek objectifying is mixed with cryptic symbols of longing and desire along with a brief history of a fraternal order.

KING by Olaf Breuning (video, 9:25 minutes, 2001)

LONELYVILLE (16mm to video, color and sound, 10.5 minutes, 2009)
1. move into old, centerpiece mill building in a ‘diverse’ neighborhood that has a sensitive past with receiving attention for it’s alternative living spaces and music scene.
2. do a walking tour of streets in the neighborhood and record conversation about what you find.
3. see an alarming amount of foreclosed and boarded up homes.
4. listen to lots of Roy Ayers and the Ronnettes.
6. become fascinated with Google maps.
7. be conflicted about representing a problem by merely photographing and pointing to it while feeling incapacitated to do anything about it.

(super 8 dual projection to video, color and sound, 5 minutes, 2008)
parallel feelings of pride and identity versus skepticism and rebellion. attempting to resuscitate political icons by remaking them with my own psychic-punk aesthetic to regain personal ownership.

‘PM MAGAZINE/ACID ROCK by Dara Birnbaum (video, 4:13 minutes, 1980)

(16mm to video, color with sound, 18 minutes, 2011)
a dual documentary of what happened to the remains of Providence’s founder and champion of free religion, and a club based on the actual folklore of the root. this is what happens in a burnt-out town in winter time.

THEM ORACLES (16mm to video, color with sound, 7.5 minutes, 2012)
a skeptic investigation of what an oracle can be and what it would sound like. human desire and blind faith allow, and maybe even will, these mystic soothsayers to exist.

Alee Peoples is a proud Oklahoman that is surprised to be currently living in Los Angeles. She maintains a varied artistic practice that involves public installations with screen-printing, sewing and sculpture. Film is another hands-on medium in her work that relates to how we communicate and understand language in a linear format. She recently closed her facebook account and bought a 1964 Ford El Ranchero.

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