a wavelike motion


The Nightingale Cinema, 1084 N. Milwaukee
Sunday, April 24, 6:30 pm, Free


In collaboration with TRACERS, and in conjunction with their two-person exhibition tide/tithe (Roots & Culture, April 15thMay 14th), Alexandria Eregbu and Rami George present a visual and auditory mixtape for The Nightingale. Exploring themes of cultural influence and disjointed histories, a wavelike motion brings concerns addressed in the gallery to the screen. Featured artists include Hiba Farhat, Orr Menirom, and Sanaz Sohrabi.


Program Details:
Sanaz Sohrabi – Disposables (2015, 7 min)

Orr Menirom – Limited Speech Holds Endless Misunderstandings
(2013, 10 min)Hiba Farhat – The Phone Rings  (2014, 22 min)

Alexandria Eregbu is a conceptual artist and disciplinary deviant. Her practice often takes shape in the form of maker, performer, curator, educator, and programmer. Eregbu’s concerns frequently address performativity, visibility, ontology, resistance, locality, and mobility. Her work tends to insert itself at the axis of personal experience and myth— usually reliant upon the collection of artifacts, material culture, and an attentiveness to current and historical events. Eregbu has been featured in a range of exhibitions including the Arts Incubator in Washington Park, Hyde Park Art Center, Woman Made Gallery, Nightingale Cinema, Roots + Culture Contemporary Art Center, and The Franklin Outdoor in Chicago, IL; Milwaukee Art Museum in Milwaukee, WI, among others. Most recently Eregbu co-curated, The Annual: An Exhibition of New Chicago Art at Chicago Artists Coalition and was highlighted in Newcity’s Breakout Artists: Chicago’s Next Generation of Image Makers (2015). Eregbu is a current Resident Artist and Curatorial Fellow with ACRE. She received her BFA from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago.

Hiba Farhat is an artist and filmmaker from Lebanon.

Rami George is an interdisciplinary artist, primarily working in photo, video, and installations. Completing their BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2012, they have exhibited and screened internationally. They continue to be influenced and motivated by political struggles and missing narratives.

Orr Menirom’s videos look into language as a border – geographical, political and psychological. Focusing on the relationship between media, language, politics and identity, Menirom mixes found footage with self-shot imagery while re-editing sentences, dubbing words and generating new messages from existing footage. Consequently, language becomes a method to question the formation of the narrative. Whose voice speaks in the video? Whose message is being heard?

Sanaz Sohrabi is an artist and educator in Chicago. Oscillating between the conditions of what an image can be, and what it means for it to exist in the world, Sohrabi utilizes image making, body movement and re-enactment in order to create a space of observation to explore the physical and intangible distribution and limitation of space, body and image. Sohrabi received her BFA from University of Tehran in 2011 and MFA from School of the Art Institute in 2014 where she was awarded the James Nelson Raymond Fellowship and the New Artist Society Merit Scholarship. She has received fellowships from Est-Nord-Est through Québec Council of the Arts and Vermont Studio Center. Exhibitions and performances include, Art Expo Chicago, 6018 North Gallery, Nightingale Micro Cinema, Eisentrager-Howard Gallery, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts among others.

Programmed by Alexandria Eregbu and Rami George

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