A walk-cycle down memory lane

A selection of early stop-motion animation films by Steve Cossman 1998-2004


 Saturday, April 20th at 7:00pm, $7-10

Films in the program include:

Round 2 Fight, 1998 – Super 8 mm
Epic battle between Scorponok (G1) and Voltron is interrupted by Zena Princess warrior. Will this become a mexican stand-off? Or will Zenas power to annoy unite the two?

Skeletor’s revenge : Part 4 “The New Deck”, 1999 – Super 8 mm
Skeletor escapes the toy chest and shreds through the apartment but encounters many obstacles on his way to the porcelain bowl. Will he gleam the cube? or will Man-E-Faces ruin his chances?

Piñarty at Six, 2000 – Super 8 mm
He-man receives an overwhelming response to his party invitations and must go on a quest to obtain a party piñata. Skeletor has the only piñata perfect for he-parties and is waiting for him with his underground zombies. All original sets.

Waitaminute (test reels), 2001 – Super 8 mm
Test footage and title sequence for an unfinished ‘getting evens’ stop-motion short – includes a 7 second segment that was shot two frames every two hours over 7 days to integrate time lapse of Wheatgrass growing with a walk cycle of a Gundam fighter.

Movie Movie, 2002 – Super 8 mm
Ode to late night snacks dancing you to the refreshment stand at the movie theater. Appleman is invited to the movies by his good friend egg. To my knowledge, this is the only stop motion film ever to have a record player with to scale punk/hardcore 7″ s (Limp Wrist, Crucial Unit, Sleater Kinney, +), poster of Q and Not U, and what I believe is the worlds smallest (call guinness) fully functioning silk screen press (4″ tall). All original puppets and sets.

Chess and Chase, 2003 – 16mm film to DV
The white bishop and a dark knight meet in an unlikely setting, a wrestling ring. All original puppets and sets.

Classical Intercourse 2003 – 16mm film to DV
A woman falls in love with a man just by hearing the sound of his voice over the phone. When he arrives, his voice stirs something thats been sleeping in his pants. (PG)

Star, 2004 – Super 8 mm
A series of monotype prints, printed on a Vandercook proofing press, then shot onto Super 8 mm film.

The Law, 2004 – Super 8 mm
16mm film rotoscoped onto glass plates, printed on a Vandercook proofing press as monotypes, then shot back onto Super 8mm film.

+ PLUS + On display : photographs from the sets of some of the films, monotypes from the printmaking animations and the actual stop motion puppets used in some of the films. AND Special gifts for early birds : )

Running time: 35 minutes + Q & A with the artist IN PERSON

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