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Mike Stoltz - With Pluses and Minuses 2013

Saturday, October 25th at 8:00 pm, $7-10

The Ann Arbor Film Festival is the oldest experimental fest in the country and is the midwest’s most influential exhibitor of international artist made cinema. As any visit  to the festival demonstrates the org serves an enthusiastic local audience and attracts artists and programmers from far and wide. AAFF also supports the genre by presenting a touring program of festival works in the off-season. In October, Program Director, David Dinnell, brings the 52 AAFF 16mm Tour Program to Chicago. Presented entirely on 16 mm, this program features 14 new films from Denmark, Argentina, Canada, Germany, and the United States, including several of this year’s festival award winning pieces.

Program Details:
The Handeye (Bone Ghosts)
(Anja Dornieden and Juan David González Monroy)
Berlin, Germany | 2012 | 7 min
In early 20th century Vienna Robert Musil invited Sigmund Freud to partake in, what he called, “a very special séance.” Seated at the table Musil revealed that they were going to summon the ghost of Franz Anton Mesmer, discoverer of animal magnetism and forefather of hypnosis. Musil told Freud about a series of dreams he had which involved a talking flea. Musil, who had secretly become a follower of the imaginationist school of animal magnetism wanted to question Mesmer as to the meaning of these dreams, in which said flea foretold of impending catastrophes all over Europe. It is said that Mesmer obligingly appeared and spoke in a repetitive and oblique manner. Mesmer’s words were transcribed by Freud in several scraps of paper and hidden sepa- rately in a series of objects that, owing to the vicissitudes of history, would end up in the collections of three Viennese museums. Legend has it that he who could piece together the text would find instructions for the assembly of a film. —AD & JM

With Pluses and Minuses (Mike Stoltz)
Los Angeles, CA | 2013 | 5 min
“This morning the window blew its glass onto my face. Real morning with pluses and minuses (my symbols for truth).” A ground-less and boundless 16mm film in which a wall becomes a window to a swirling landscape. —MS

Lunar Almanac (Malena Szlam)
Montreal, Canada | 2013 | 4 min
Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth. —MS

murmurations (Rebecca Meyers)
Lewisburg, PA | 2013 | 6 min
(52nd AAFF Award for Best Cinematography)
A charm; siege; dissimulation. Descent and watch. Avian voices link gesture and snowfall, macro views of whiskered branches and furry firs. —RM

Tacoma (Courtney Krantz)
Brooklyn, NY | 2013 | 6.5min
A reflection on home and memory. Old love letters. A card game. Music gone by. An indoor-outdoor encounter of domestic space. Filmed in the verdant environment of the Pacific Northwest at my grandmother-in-law’s residence where she has lived for over 40 years. —CK

Fresno (Leandro Listorti)
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2014 | 3 min
In Norse mythology, the World Tree Yggdrasil is commonly held to be an ash tree (Fraxinus). The Norsemen had a very peculiar worldview, where space was not unique nor continuous, and the universe was made up of different worlds, where they could destroy each world and create new ones. Amid the turmoil, Yggdrasil, always remains immovable, protecting those who are saved from the cataclysms, to populate a new world. Fresno shows one year in the life of one of these trees. -LL

Will o’ the Wisp (Andrew Kim)
Los Angeles, CA | 2013 | 23.5min
(52nd AAFF Tom Berman Award for Most Promising Filmmaker)
I can’t see ghosts, but film is indeed a perfect medium. – AK

Sleeping District (Tinne Zenner)
Copenhagen, Denmark | 2014 | 11 min
Combining outside and inside views of residential areas built during the Soviet Era with disjointed conversations translated from Russian into a broken English, the film explores notions of home shaped by memory, history, relations and objects. While related to tangible experiences, it suggests how these inform our imagination. -TZ

Light Year (Paul Clipson)
San Francisco, CA | 2013 | 10 min
An abstract 16mm film study of the San Francisco waterfront, showcasing the complex natural and architectural systems within this urban landscape, from the ephemeral rhythms of light and water to the rigid order of bridges and skyscrapers. Music by Tashi Wada, performed by Charles Curtis and Judith Hamann.

Certain Things (Mark Toscano)
Los Angeles, CA | 2014 | 4 min
Certain things you remember. These are two of them, remembered by my father, as we drove north on S. Occupy Las Vegas Blvd in November, 2011. —MT

Square Dance, Los Angeles County, California, 2013 (Silvia das Fadas)
Los Angeles, CA | 2013 | 9 min
“The people are what is not there yet, never in the right place, never ascribable to the place and time where anxieties and dreams await.” —Jacques Rancière

Burn Out the Day (Sasha Waters Freyer)
Richmond, VA | 2014 | 4 min
The passing of a decrepit totality; wounds and traces left by fire and light as an abandoned home burns to the ground. Mute observers and memory fragments remain. The pleasures and terrors of rural domestic comfort. —SWF

A Study in Natural Magic (Charlotte Pryce)
Los Angeles, CA | 2013 | 3 min
(52nd AAFF Stan Brakhage Film at Wit’s End Award)
Witness an alchemist’s spell; the transmutation of light into substance; a glimpse of gold. —CP

Photooxidation (Pablo Mazzolo)
Buenos Aires, Argentina | 2013 | 13 min
De-electronation of a molecular entity as a result of photoexcitation. Light increases its oxidation state, at the same time it releases free radical electrons. Light goes through human work as a natural pho- to degradation. It mutates within its own limits, from a solar irradiation to its impossible perception in an absent retina. —PM

David Dinnell has been the Program Director of the Ann Arbor Film Festival since 2009. Before that he was the Film Programmer for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Union Theatre for five seasons, from May 2007 through December 2009. He has curated film programs for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit, the Detroit Film Center and was the Program Director of the Media City Film Festival (Windsor, Canada) from 2004-2006.

Still from With Pluses and Minuses by Mike Stoltz

Organized by Christy LeMaster


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