A YouTube curatorial endeavor

Curated by Robert Snowden and Eric Fleischauer
December 14, 2008

The Internet’s unwanted or digital detritus is constantly being scraped off the web’s cluttered floor and being broken apart and frankensteined into the new. Definitions over ownership and authorship are being elasticized and altered by this constant meddling and re-arranging, and in the process, the line between viral video, Art Art, and just plain unwanted is being happily smudged.

So how do we culture-makers address our new medium, venue, and potential audiences? How do we incorporate and process this superstructure of meaning, whether we are dilettantes, starry-eyed devotees or television-loyalists? And how can you find that good, weird shit out there when there is so much to look at?

Internalizing media’s place in our everyday lives is already assured, but thankfully these videos go above and beyond to perform the inevitable. By extricating the banal and taking it to its logical end, these artists create bizarro worlds of displacement and repetition.

As those who stare at computers all day, we feel guilty about this misspent time wandering the internet. By creating a perpetual side project of cataloging, archiving and presenting the best the internet has to offer, we are slowly turning procrastination into productivity. While We Were Working is exemplary for using our time wisely so you don’t have to.

Martin Arnold
Trisha Baga
Blue Noses
John Michael Boling
John Cage
Nicholas Cage
Daniel Eatock
Andrew Filippone Jr.
Martijn Hendriks
John Kilduff
Oliver Laric
Kalup Linzy
Guthrie Lonnergan
Pablo Picasso
David Leye Roth
Fernando Sanchez
Nicholas Wylie

TRT 57 min

Special thanks to INCUBATE for their support of this program.

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Director, Michael Almereyda in person!

December 11, 2008

The filmmaker considers the episodes in this movie to be like pages torn from a sketchbook, a visual diary kept over many years. Each episode runs about the length of a pop song. Friends and strangers, kids and adults, are featured in roughly equal proportions, in settings split between familiar American cities – New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans – and unlikely, far-flung places: Tehran, Krakow, Seoul. The film’s fragmentary nature is held in check by thematic contrasts and links – between innocence and experience; art and commerce; searching and finding. There’s also the overarching idea that life is made up of brief paradisiacal moments – moments that are often taken for granted, and always slipping away, but which can, on occasion, be captured and shared.

Michael Almereyda is best-known for his version of HAMLET (2000) set in contemporary New York City and starring Ethan Hawke. He is also the director of ANOTHER GIRL ANOTHER PLANET (1992), shot entirely in Pixelvision, NADJA (1994), a lyrical vampire film produced by David Lynch, THIS SO-CALLED DISASTER (2003), filmed around the rehearsals of Sam Shepard’s The Late Henry Moss, and WILLIAM EGGLESTON IN THE REAL WORLD (2005), a cine-essay and conversation with the photographer of the title.

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